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Are meal replacement diets effective?

Are meal replacement diets effective?

When I started a weight loss program in Boston at my Primary Care Clinic, one of my fellow physicians inquired about patients doing pre-packaged foods as part of the program. I initially was very skeptical and told her I wanted patients to learn dieting the old-fashioned way. I then started seeing patients and counseling them about diet and exercise and realized how wrong I was. I remember counseling one woman for over an hour during her first visit about dietary changes, only for her to come back at the next visit and actually have gained weight!

Although some patients were successful with conventional dieting, I began to realize that many patients struggle to estimate the amount of calories in foods, especially early in their weight journey.

I started to do my own research about portion-controlled foods and realized there was a lot of evidence of their success. One study involving 273 participants showed participants who were involved in Optifast’s meal replacement program lost 12.4% of their weight at 6 months compared to 6% weight loss of participants with conventional dieting.

Pre-packaged meals are convenient and take the guessing out of the counting.

Here at MD Weight Solutions, we have a convenient virtual weight loss clinic that offers a full or partial meal replacement plan via Optifast. We also offer medications and discuss behavioral changes that result in significant weight loss that will make you healthier and feel great. Make your appointment today!


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